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Navigating the intricacies of the real estate market can make the process seem daunting to even the most experienced professionals. If you don’t want to walk this path alone, you need to work with an expert who has your needs, desires, and budget in mind. Our real estate transaction coordinator team at VIP Coordinator Services is dedicated to getting you the best deals in Las Vegas, NV, and other areas of the country. By focusing on offering a full suite of transaction assistance services, we can ensure that you have the best representation in the market to get the best possible results.

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Transaction Coordinator
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Assistance with your Real Estate Process  
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Notary Services

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Our Services Include:

• Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

• Notary

• Inspections Orders

• Escrows Orders

• Appraisals Orders

• Lender Communication

• Residential & Commercial Services

• Buyer & Seller Representation

• Customer Relationship Management

Transaction Coordinator

A real estate transaction coordinator is a professional in the real estate market who assists an agent in performing the administrative task required during the entire acquisition process, from contracts to closing. These services allow you and the real estate agent to focus on your search and the development of the property while we handle all of the complicated paperwork. We can help order escrow, coordinate inspections, repair negotiation, and ensure the completion of repairs that are contingent on the sale of the property. 

Audit Services

Taking on the ownership of property comes with its own set of financial and legal obligations. There are specific accounting and financial reporting issues that need to be addressed for commercial and residential properties. Our real estate transaction coordinator can provide auditing services to ensure that the sale or purchase of your property follows all of the state and federal guidelines to keep you in good standing. At VIP Coordinator Services, we focus on ensuring that the process never hits a rough patch and that you are always in compliance with regulations and guidelines. 

Escrow Assistance

As the acquisition process comes to an end, our real estate transaction coordinator can ensure that escrow is completed quickly and efficiently. After the contracts are finalized, we can handle the distribution of funds for the purpose of finalizing the purchase or sale. We will ensure that all terms are followed and any final concerns are addressed before the transaction is completed.

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If you’re a resident of Clark County or the surrounding areas and are looking for a real estate transaction coordinator, work with VIP Coordinator Services. Our goal is to ensure that all of your real estate sales and purchases go off without a hitch. Call us today.